Round 4-Bemidji, Minnesota Jan. 24, 2009

First off, I want to say Man was it cold! We went to the track Saturday morning with the temp at -14 degrees. Then with the wind chill, it went down to -32 to -40 degrees depending on the wind. I got a lot of flack for being cold and from Alaska. No matter what I do to stay warm, the wind gets to me.

The SLEDS RACING gang held strong against my offers of drinks and food to postpone the races. I went as high as my entry fee totals, but they wouldn’t budge so we had to get ready to race. We missed all of the Wisconsin guys, but the Minnesota gang showed up in force.

The track was a little on the short side for the straightaways so the holeshot was the deciding factor in most of the races. The action got going a little after 12:30 at the heat of the day. (Ha-Ha , it hit a high of -3 degrees without the wind chill) Adam and I got off to a slow start with a 5th and a 4th place finish, then we moved up to 3 – 2nd place finish’s with 1 race to go in the Sno-Pro series.

The last class we were in was the Super Mod 440 Free Air which is one of mine. I got the holeshot with Jim Lennox’s Polaris hot on my tail. I was able to finish out front for our only win of the day. We felt we had a good day concerning we didn’t even really feel up to racing at all that morning.

After we got everything loaded up, off to one of the sponsors we went for the awards. The Garden Bar and Grill on Hwy 197 and 2nd ave was full by the time we arrived hungry and thirsty. After our cheeseburgers were gone the began, and the drinks started to flow.

While we were waiting for the awards presentations to begin, I saw a face from the past I hadn’t seen in over 15 years having a beer with a few friends. Dennis “Z” Zulawski from the Team Arctic days heard about the vintage races on the radio and came out to see what the fuss was all about this “vintage oval races”. A long story short, we talked about the old days and he was impressed with the level of competition by the vintage sleds. I worked hard to convince him he needed to come out to Eagle River next year to watch the whole show. He didn’t say no, so we got a chance he will come. It was like old times seeing “Z” at the track when Steve and I ran the IFS Sno-Pro back in 79 and 80.

The awards were passed out to a bunch of happy drivers. The trophies were some of the nicest I have seen, maybe only 2nd to Eagle River’s but very nice and big. Prize money was good as we made more than our entries and we had only one win. John Schumacher was the big winner with 5 wins in the money classes and a few more in the trophy classes. Congratulations to all the winners !

Only one race to go in the series at Grey Eagle, Mn. on Feb. 28th. Hopefully our luck will hold out and Adam and I will be able to hang on to our lead in the series. It would be great to duplicate what Steve and Sean did last year with a 1st and 2nd. Time will tell. Stay warm and hope to see you at the races…